Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hot hot hot

For the past three days we have been travelling, eventually arriving in Delhi at 11.00 at night on Friday, to be met by Sandhya, who works for the BBA – Save the Childhood Foundation in India with my dad. We stayed in Delhi in an apartment at the BBA office, it was but very hot even with air conditioning. In the morning we went for breakfast with Kailash Satyarthi at his home, and had Indian breakfast – no cheerios or pancakes or waffles. They had a massive dog called Ceasar.
We then started to travel to the Child Friendly Villages in Rajahstan, to the BBA school called Bal Ashram. When we arrive we were greeted by over 100 children singing and dancing and they put a Bindi mark on my forehead – Bindis proclaim prosperity.
We had lunch (Indian!) and then travelled to a child Friendly Village about 30 mins away. We were greeted at the village by at least two hundred people who gave me another Bindi. At this meeting the village discussed how to become a Child Friendly Village, that all children must be able to go to school and a part of the village parliament (Panchyat). We had talks from the chief, my dad, the children, there was lots of dancing and singing. Then I had to give a speech – I said it was a great privelage to be here and that I would go back to my school with pictures to tell my friends that we must all work together for all children of this world. Because every child has a right to Love, Play and Education.
We then went to meet the bridegroom at a local wedding for a short time. Being very careful not to eat anything just in case.
We then went to a mountain temple with amazing rock formations, which I could not sadly climb as it was a sacred temple. We met the priests and they gave us some food. It looked like munchkins but it was yellow and very sweet. It was amazing, this was now 7.00pm and about 105F.
In the evening the children at Bal Ashram put on a number of mini plays, songs, jokes and dances. This was to tell us of the life they had before being rescued. They rescued from mining, domestic slavery, carpet work, begging, making roads, shoe shining, many children there looked from 5 years old.
It was now very late and before bed I organized a meeting with the children to climb the mountain in the morning at 6.00am.
The temperature today is 42C about 110F.
Sens other stuff soon.
Some of the images are of Tamsin dancing at the school.


  1. Fabulous pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pinchers are still very peppy and also very territorial about their dinners!

    C, T and TJ

  2. WOW! What a fabulous experience and trip you are all having. Thanks Thomas for sharing with us as you travel with your blog! All of the photos are truly wonderful but I LOVE - ABSOLUTELY LOVE the one of the small boy with the white t-shirt - his arms are raised up and he is in a group of people. It is an award winning photo! HAve great time and I will read along and dream that I was with you!