Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Run Run Run

Today Sunday the 7th of June, 2009 we had one of the best walks in my life. First we walked to a hunting lodge that was 600 years old. Then me, my dad and a friend called ohm climbed up one of the mountains it was 110 F and we were boiling. Then finally we gave the bikes to the children, we knew that the children were happy because when we gave them the bikes they could not stop riding them. Most of the bikes we got were for the girls so they could ride them to school, most girls did not go to school.
Then we drove home it was crazy, roads are not like the roads we have in the US, first we got in a traffic jam. When we were in it I looked across to the other side of the road and I saw cars going the wrong way the miss the jam.

Finally we got to our hotel, and my mouth was open it was huge! It had 28 floors. After we got lost a lot in the hotel we found the pool it was only 4.5 feet deep in the deep end but it was very nice. Then we found the dinner place it was huge and all different food and even had a chocolate founding. Finally we went to bed and watched lots of TV.
Now it is Monday and I have typed all of this on the train that is very nice.
Monday morning 6.00 AM. We have arrived at the train station and it is so crazy thousands of people wait for the train, are porters and most are sleeping in the station. When we get to Haridwar that is even crazier but there was a car waiting for us to go to the hotel it was beautiful it is right next to the river Ganges. In the evening we went to an arti in Rishikesh the crowds were so big you could not walk due to the cows, monkeys and motorbikes on the side walk. It was good to go to the hotel.

The next day we had the day off we slept in late, finally. After breakfast we went swimming in the Ganges being very careful because there was a small flood. We swam in a outlet in the rocks and mom dad and I jumped in, it was freezing as the river was fed by glaciers. In the afternoon we had lunch (I am eating Dal Bat). Then it was to leave for the train station, a 3 hour drive. We had dinner on the train, and when I went to go to the bathroom I nearly fell out because the door was open to the outside. The bathrooms are either Western or Indian style.

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