Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Very hot, hot, hot

Today a 5:00 wakeup call. We got up and we felt the heat coming, our rooms did not have electricity. Dad had to leave to a village to work with them in making a butter from a nut from a local tree. Any way when we got to the meeting place our Guide told us we were going to see the baby elephants, and we were going to get there by canoe. We all five us got in one canoe and we were off. Half an hour later we saw an alligator nest under a tree in the river, but we did not see the mom. A half an hour later we could see the babies our Guide said that they were twins and that was very rare. When I was looking at a baby elephant one of the babies escaped and stole my tripod which had the camera on. We got it back after a while, and we were off on a Landover picked us up to go to the camp. We had lunch at camp (it was Chinese) and they rang the bell to go the meeting place. They told we were going to have a shower with the elephants. We ran to the river the elephants were waiting Tamsin jumped on her elephant first then I got on (check the movie) it was amazing. After we had a talk about the elephants, we then had dinner. After dinner dad arrived back just when we were watching the fire dance. An hour later we went to bed.

The next day we woke at 5.00am for a last elephant ride through the jungle and then for a 6 hour drive to Katmandu the road was very twisty and many trucks and buses did not make it and had fallen into the canyon or were wrecked on the side of the road. At last we got into Katmandu and had a swim which was wonderful. We then went to dinner with our friends and his son, it was fun and half way through the dinner all the lights went out, quite usual.

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  1. Could you bring us back a small baby elephant???

    C, T and TJ